Blending in is the best way for Colombia's most notorious criminal to lay low in Medellín, but this is Pablo Escobar and it's often difficult for him to naturally mix into his surroundings as he’s usually traveling armed with guns and money.
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photographs by john lawton & Netflix
August 26, 12:10 pm
As the second season of Narcos takes off, Pablo Escobar is feeling the heat on all sides as the world closes in around him. He's headed into a 16-month cat and mouse game across Colombia, but he's doing it on his own terms. With his cartel pulling in $60 million a day and shipping 70 tons of cocaine a month, Pablo is packing, wearing and doing whatever he pleases as he tries to outrun his enemies.
Flip through the interactive lookbook images to learn more about the man and what he packed for life on the run.