Steven Bolinger
HTML5 Examples
Looking for motion graphics (video) examples? Please click here to view my portfolio on YouTube.
3D unfolding box 300x250 >> 900x750 expanding unit built for BP. Prepared for deployment via DoubleClick Studio; leverages the Greensock JS animation library.
Landing page for the original Netflix program "Narcos", hosted on GQ. Fully responsive site that utilizes deferred image loading to optimiize the user experience.
Mock-up of a marketing landing page where users can request a free eBook via email.
Date and time -sensitive digital display campaign for the NBA playoffs and finals. Ad content changes throughout the day as matches are completed.
SVG-based data-driven world map infographic prototype originally developed to consume a JSON-formatted data feed.
Novelty personality quiz prototype. Results are captured in a MySQL database, and displayed leveraging the open source Chart.js library.
Simple Tic Tac Toe game, utilizing SVG images and Local Storage for score tracking.
Prototype for a "swipe and reveal" -type interaction; user's interaction with an image reveals content.
Long live Flash!
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